Autumn 2016
Classes for Kids and Preteens
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Classes for Young Children
   Optional Monthly Tuition. Click here to go to Tuition Page.

   Pre-Primary  Sat   10:45-11:30 am AC   ages 31/2-5
   Pre-Primary  Fri   2-2:45 pm AC   
ages 31/2-5
   Primary  Sat   10-10:45 am AC   ages 5-7

Jr. B-Boys/B-Girls & Hip Hop  ages 6-8
   Sat 10:30-11:15 am EL & DJ

Jr. Tap & Jazz  ages 6-8  New!
   Fri 3:45-4:45 pm AC


   Level 1   Sat  9-10 am  AC   
ages 7-10

   Level 2   Sat  12-1:15 pm  AC
  ages 10 and up
   Level 2 Optional Thu 3:30-4:15 pm
  ages 10 and up
   Recommended for Level 2 students who wish to pursue pointe

   Level 3   Thu  3:30-4:15 pm AC
   Level 3 Sat  1:15-2:45 pm  AC

   Level 4  Wed  3:30-5 pm  IS
   Level 4  Thu  3:30-4:15 pm  AC
   Level 4  Sat 11:15-12:45 pm IS

   Level 5 Tue  3:30-5 pm  AC
   Level 5 Thu 3:30-4:15 pm AC
   Level 5 Sat 1:45-3:15 pm IS

   Ballet Conditioning   Thu  3:30-4:15 pm  AC
   Pointe Prep and Maintenance   Thu  4:15-5 pm  AC
   Pointe 1   Thu  5-5:30 pm  AC
   Pointe 1   Sat  12:45-1:15 pm  IS
   Pointe 2   Tue  5-5:30 pm  AC
   Pointe 2   Sat  3:15-4 pm  IS

Classes for Kids

Rhythm and Games  ages 9 and up  New!
   Level 1-2   Wed, Thu   3:15-3:40 pm Teen Taught
   For students attending  Tue, Wed, Thu Jr. Level 1-2 classes

A 25 minute class that bridges the gap between school and dance with rigorous, fun, organized activity and movement games. For kids taking Junior Modern level 1-2 on Tuesday, Junior Jazz 1-2 on Wednesday, or Junior Hip Hop 1-2 on Thursday.

Junior Jazz  ages 9-13
   Level 1-2   Wed   3:45-4:45 pm  AC
   Level 3-4   Wed   4:45-6 pm  AC

Junior Hip Hop  ages 9-13
   Level 1-2   Thu   3:45-4:45 pm  RL
   Level 3-4   Mon   4:45-6 pm  RL

Junior Modern  ages 9-13
    Level 1-2   Tue   3:45-4:45 pm TM
    Level 3-4   Tue   4:45-6 pm KN

B-Boys & B-Girls  ages 9-13
   Level 1-2   Fri   5-6 pm  JH

Musical Theater Dance  ages 11 and up
   Level 2 and up  Fri   5-6:30 pm  AC & AM

Develop vocal and dance technique while learning music and choreography from several popular musical theater selections. Learn how to project your voice, articulate and tell the musical story. For students with at least one year of Jazz or Musical Theater Dance.

Tap Kidz  ages 9-13
   Open Level    Mon   3:45-4:45 pm  AM

Boys' Technique & Performance  ages 11-15
   Level 2 and up   Thu   4:45-5:45 pm  RL

This class introduces and develops basic techniques focusing on Modern, Jazz, and Ballet. Learn various styles of dance and how each style requires a different approach and focus when performing. Great for beginners and advanced beginners to work in a fun, creative, and challenging atmosphere and explore how to use the body in new ways.

Capoeira for Kids
   Please contact the studio for details.

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